Hydrate to Glow for Vata skin (for Dry Skin). Pack of 2 100 gms each

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Ayurvedic Proprietory product

Experience the ultimate hydration for your Vata-predominant skin with our “Hydrate 2 Glow” soap by ARTNWEAVES, crafted with Ayurvedic wisdom. Say goodbye to dryness and itchiness, and chapping, as this soap nourishes and replenishes moisture. Infused with Ayurvedic and essential oils, it’s a skin-friendly choice, Tested free from Sulphates and Parabens. Glow naturally!

Vata soap for –   Dry skin, Patchy skin, Prone to itching & Chapping due to dryness


Drench your Vata-predominant skin in a rejuvenating splash with our ‘Hydrate 2 Glow’ soap ARTNWEAVES. Immerse yourself in the hydrating prowess of Ayurvedic oils like coconut and almond, working wonders for your skin condition, while the soothing essence of lavender and chamomile essential oils caress your senses. This soap’s divine blend works harmoniously to treat dryness, alleviate itchiness, chapping and unveil your skin’s inner luminosity. With every use, you are treated to the natural bounty of these ingredients, making it the perfect addition to your skincare ritual. Plus, it’s SLES and Paraben-free, ensuring your skin experiences pure, unadulterated care. Add this gem to your bathing routine that will act as a magical potion for the skin.

Ingredients – Each 100 grm Contains: Balaguloochyadi taila Ref – Sahasrayoga. Bala (Sida cordifolia), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Surapadapa (Cedrus deodara), Taila (Sesamum oil) Base Oil, Essential oils Frankincense & Rosemary Essential Oils, Approved soap base –q.s.

Delivery 4 to 7 days depending on the location

Best Before 36 months from the date of packing

Note – Ayurvedic medicated soap created by ARTNWEAVES in Vivekananda Health Global (VHG)

Note – In case of rash or reaction please discontinue and for Consultation on product pl call +91 9591336226. Product researched by Vivekananda Health Global, Bangalore


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