Handmade Soap & Herbal Shampoo Process and Ingredients


What’s in your Handmade Soap & Herbal Shampoo?

We use soap base procured from Multinational organizations. To increase the moisturizing ability of our soaps we add Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Neem oil, Honey and in a few variants Food grade Pure edible cow ghee. We also use synthetic fragrances in most of the variants and food grade color and Essential / Ayurvedic oils in our medicated soaps.

In case of Herbal shampoo, we procure the fruits / berries and other ingredients remove the seed and pulp the skin and process to create the Herbal shampoo. We do not procure powers available in the market as the same are pulped with seeds and the whole objective of quality Pulpy Herbal shampoo is lost.

Do you test on animals?

No, we never test our products on animals. We’ve always tested them on friends, family and other enthusiastic volunteers who were excited about trying out new products.

Are Soaps “cruelty-free”?

We do not use animal products that result in the death of that animal for the primary use in making our product. All our soaps are vegetable oil based except for a few variants we use Edible Cow Ghee.

Do you use any animal products in your soaps?

Yes, we do. We use food-grade cow ghee in a few variants of soaps. All other soaps are vegetable based and contain no animal products.


Allergies and Sensitivities to Soap and Fragrance


I’m allergic to fragrance – Do you have any soap for me?

Currently, we do not have an unscented version of soap. In the event of you require the same we can create a minimum batch quantity of 9 to 18 soaps in a lot. The soap would contain only oils, Honey, etc.., without any fragrance. These would be made to order only.

I have sensitive skin and can’t use most soaps. Will I be able to use yours?

Yes, we do have specific soaps for different types of skin in our Medicated soap range. There are 4 variants of soaps created with Ayurvedic oils & Essential oils only for specific types of skin.

Hydrate 2 Glow – VATA – For DRY SKIN

Cool 2 Relax – PITTA – for SENSITIVE SKIN

Restore 2 Bloom – KAPHA – for OILY SKIN


What’s the best way for someone with sensitive skin to try your products?

The best way to try the suitability of any soap is to try it on the palm first. Then if you feel it is ok you may proceed to other parts of the body.


Soap Bar Size and Use


What’s the size of your soap?

Our regular bath size soap bars are approximately 7.5 cm x 5cms and weigh 100 grams (when packed). Our Hotel soaps or trial soaps weigh around 20 to 25 grams and are in oval shape.

How long does a bar of your soap typically last?

Most of our customers say a bar of our soap lasts them between 3-4 weeks. This is based on normal use. If you’re lathering up six different times because you’re enjoying the scent and experience, obviously a bar isn’t going to last that long! As the saying goes – your mileage may vary.

What should I do to make my soap last longer?

Let your soap dry out between uses, by putting your soap on a soap dish that allows air to circulate around the bar. A ‘proper’ soap dish will either raise the bar up for air to circulate from beneath or contain air holes for drainage of water below the soap. If you store your soap in the little alcove built into most shower stalls and tub surrounds, the shower spray will continually soak your soap. You will literally see your soap’s glycerin and your money, go down the drain. You can also use a sisal bag or netted sponge to further extend the soap’s lather. Our handmade natural soaps will last longer if you take care of them!

Why don’t you guys make round soap or molded soap?

We did try, but we learned early on that we were adding a lot of steps to an already labor-intensive, handmade operation. We make our batches in 90+ bar amounts, and a typical soapmaking day for us produces 250 -300 bars. To pour that much soap batter into that many individual molds, remove the soap from the molds, and try to prevent any ‘design’ from being squished, chipped, or marred, adds a lot of time and money to the process. And that means we’d have to charge you more. So, we make only rectangular soaps, and this helps us reduce inventory such as Mold of different shapes or Hydraulic equipment to get the soap into an oval format, A single shape reduces the inventory of different packing materials, etc.…

How long does your Soap stay Fresh?

Our soaps usually stay ‘good’ for 36 months. In fact, the older a soap gets, the longer it will last when you finally combine it with water in your shower. However, time does affect the intensity of a soap’s fragrance. For the best fragrance, we recommend that you enjoy your soaps within six months of purchase. But we have had customers tell us about soap forgotten for years in their linen drawer that they are able to identify by scent years later! Remember that we don’t use any preservatives in our soaps, so protect them from humidity and extremes of heat and cold.

We visit you each Summer and buy our year’s supply of soap. What is the best way to store our stash?

If you want to store your soap before you use it, store it in a dark dry area like a linen closet or drawer. Some customers report being satisfied with how soaps stored in plastic zip lock bags fare over time.

Can I use your soap to wash my hair?

Absolutely, YES! Our soaps are made with high percentages of Olive and Sunflower oil etc.., which provide wonderful conditioning for your hair and scalp. But we prefer you use our Herbal Shampoo or Shower gels for the Hair.

Can I Order by Phone?

Yes, absolutely. Just call or WhatsApp on +91 9248078910 or +91 9246878910

Can I Order by Mail?

Yes. You can write to sriram@artnweaves.com the list of variants and quantities we can ship it to your address across India. For all orders below Rs.1250 an additional charge of Rs.60 would be applicable. Beyond Rs.1250 value shipping is Zero / 0. We shall share the bank a/c details of UPI id where you can transfer the amount and we shall ship the same through India post or a reputed courier organization and share shipping details.

What are your business hours?

Our Online Store operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our shipping and receiving hours are Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM Indian Standard Time. All orders received on day one will be booked for shipping T+ 1 day subject to the 2nd day being a Sunday or a Public holiday in our location Hyderabad, India.

What kind of Credit Cards can I use?

You can use Visa, MasterCard, Net banking, UPI etc…,

Can I pay COD?

No, we do not accept COD payment for individual retail orders. However, based on a personal request sometimes we do consider the same.

Do you take PayPal?

No. we don’t ship overseas hence we do not accept PayPal. We cater to Indian Clients only Hence,  You can use Google pay or any UPI id or other banking modes via our payment gateway to place and order and to transfer the amount in case you are not ordering on the website.

Do you accept checks?

No, we do not accept Checks.

Do I need to create an account to buy from your store?

No, you do not need to set up an account. But we strongly encourage you to register. It will make checking out a snap, and provide you with many perks, like your very own order history for easy re-orders, discount points, wish lists and easier checkouts in the future.

Do you have a catalogue?

We sure do, and you can request a catalogue on WhatsApp on +91 924807891



Shipping and Return Policies


How is my order shipped?

We generally ship all orders by India Post or a reputed courier organization.

When will my order be shipped?

We normally ship individual customer orders within 2 business days, and once shipped via India Post or a reputed courier organization, shipment takes another four or seven days. So, expect to have your order in one week’s time.

If you place your order over a weekend, please don’t start counting business days until Monday! Or if it’s a holiday weekend, Tuesday! Orders placed during the Christmas season often take longer, especially if you are ordering custom scented salves and lotions, gift sets that need assembly, or if your order is especially large. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Will you ship to International Locations?

As of now we do not ship to international locations. 

My order was damaged in shipping. What should I do?

Please contact us immediately to let us know what happened and share images of the damaged products, and we’ll arrange for you to return the damaged item(s) to us. We will replace the item(s) free of charge including shipping. You can message us on +91 9248078910. 

How do I file a claim if my order arrives damaged?

Our products have a unique packing box for each and every variant. In case of shampoo, we cling wrap them to prevent damage. The contents are put into an outer carton for further protection and placed in a courier cover and packed properly. In the event of any damage please do share images of the damaged products and we shall re place them if the same are not in a usable condition and not to your satisfaction. You can message the damaged courier images to +91 9248078910 once you have received a damaged consignment. 

What is your return policy?

As these are handmade products, we do have a no return policy.

I received your soap as a gift. Can I exchange it?

No. We do not have any such policy of exchange unless you have received wrong products against your order.

Do you guarantee your products?

Our products are Ayush Department approved hence we adhere to all quality standards suggested by the department. You can be rest assured of the quality of the products unless you have allergies to fragrances / oils etc. This situation will arise due to individual body /skin type which are on in our hands.


Wholesale and Fundraising


Do you sell your soap wholesale to other stores?

Sure do. Please write to us for wholesale & for more information and apply to set up an account. If you have a specific question not answered there, please let us know call / WhatsApp +91 9248078910 at sriram@artnweaves.com 

Can our Non-Profit group use your soap as a fundraiser?

Absolutely. We have many groups who buy our soap for fundraisers! Contact us at sriram@artnweaves.com to explore what might be right for your group, considering your community and time of year your event will be held.

I’m not a business owner, but I love your soaps and think I could sell a lot of them to co-workers at my office. Is that possible?

Yes, that’s possible too. The reason our business has grown over the years is because of loyal customers like you, who love our soap so much they spread the word about us! If you’d like to re-sell our soap, you’ll have to buy the same quantities as if you were a store owner (minimum 100 bars or more), and actual shipping costs. Our wholesale page will provide you with more information. If you’re interested, let’s talk. Call us on +91 9248078910 or email us at sriram@artnweaves.com 



White Labeling & Third-party Manufacturing

Do you have options of White Label & do third party manufacturing?

Yes, we do have such options. We have been doing this for multiple partners across India for over 5 years now. You can call / WhatsApp on +91 9248078910 or write to sriram@artnweaves.com for more information on this option.


Weddings, Showers and Gift Baskets


Do you do guest favors for Weddings?

Yes, we do have gifting solutions in our regular pack or an amazing designer pack which can be used for gifting at Weddings, Kitti parties, corporate gifts, employee engagements etc. It would come in an amazing pack with Artnweaves branding on the outer box. You can decide on your budget from Rs.500 to Rs.2000 per unit and we shall gift pack and ship them to your desired location. For such orders we take an 100% advance and would require 4 to 7 days to deliver to the location as desired. for the Gift pack layout, you can visit our Gifting category on our website www.artnweaves.com.

Do you do guest favors for Baby and Bridal Showers?

Yes, we do, please read the section above on Wedding Favors and view our Favor page to get some ideas of what might be right for you, your guests and your event.

Do you create custom gift baskets?

Sure do – give us a theme, preferred variants, and a amount and we’ll select soaps, Shampoo and Shower gel items from our retail shop to create a great-smelling gift to be enjoyed any time of the year, for any occasion. We hope to even have a ‘gift basket’ option on this website soon, so you can cruise our products, select what you’d like, and build your own gift baskets for us to ship to friends and family for you. Until then, though, gift baskets are a custom item, requiring a phone call or email to get started. If you’re in a hurry, and want to order something right now, check out our Trios, large Samplers, and Gift Bags for other wonderful gift ideas.

What makes your Soaps so great?

Okay, this is the sales pitch part, but since you asked –

You should go through our about us page for more information on the creators and the background of www.artnweaves.com.

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