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www.artnweaves.com is a portal which exclusively supports artisans partnered by ARTNWEAVES ARTISAN EMPOWERMENT SOCIETY or products manufactured by the NGO. The society is a registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 is a not for profit organization with an objective to promote Indian Handicrafts, Handmade products.
Certificate of Registration No.: 312 of 2017 dt. 20th June 2017

Manufacturers of premium Handcrafted soaps and Herbal Shampoo
Skin is the first protective covering for the body, give some good nourishment so that it in turn takes care of minor abrasions, cuts, bruises, etc. Our soaps are exactly what your skin needs. Our Handmade Glycerin soaps, Cow Ghee Herbal soaps, Cow Butter Herbal soaps & Herbal shampoo are available in various fragrances. These are made of approved soap base procured from Multi National organizations. Our organization uses the best of Oils such as Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural fragrance extractions and permitted fragrances for a few variants.

Our Herbal Shampoo is just like olden days. The shampoo is hand made with natural ingredients such as Rita, Brahmi, Henna, Amla, Shikakai, Methi seeds, Hibiscus powder, SLES & other preservatives which nourishes and keeps the hair healthy.
The organization has over 30 variants in Soaps and Shampoo.


The aims and objects to be pursued by the society are enumerated below:

1. Promotion of products created by artisans in Rural and Urban India and exclusive welfare of artisans, tradesmen & homemakers in need of education, healthcare, education and training, gainful employment assistance by provision of equitable access to opportunities in areas broadly covering:
1.1 Marketability & Earning Potential:
a) Enhancement of Marketing, provision of experienced and knowledgeable marketing resources. Reaching out to new markets to promote the artisans products thereby enhancing their earning potential.
b) Providing a window through the eCommerce and retail/wholesale channels to promote their products at no additional costs to the artisan/tradesman.
c) Reaching out to corporate and other developmental and marketing organizations to promote products created by artisans and tradesmen.
1.2 Health& Healthcare :
a) To improve health and healthcare the trust shall sponsor insurance policies, contributory or noncontributory, for the artisans and their families;
b) Administering a group insurance policy to all the artisans and their family members.
1.3 Educational, gainful employment & Training Assistance:
a) To provide support to artisans, tradesmen and homemakers, select or otherwise, to enhance their living conditions, and right to primary, secondary and higher education, skill development, assistance, absorption of new ideas and designs, new technologies, communication and basic business and commercial skill sets.
b) To provide scholarships and to assist in provision of basic and specialized education for the individual artisan, tradesman or homemaker and related family.

ARTNWEAVES is India’s premium marketplace that weaves together a rich cultural tapestry of Artisans. It is a market of dreams which makes the availability of the products online by reducing the cost of marketing and builds efficiency and transparency in the Art and Crafts supply space for both B2B and B2C customers.

ARTNWEAVES B2B supports buyers and Artisans which includes wholesalers, retailers, designers, brands and consumers to efficiently source hand-made fabrics and crafts directly from the producers, resulting in better pricing to both buyers, sellers & end customers.

The Society also has gone ahead and procured Licenses from the Ayush department to Manufacture Handmade soaps & Herbal Shampoos…The society creates amazing Handmade – Glycerin soaps, Cow Ghee Herbal Soaps, Herbal Shampoo & Promote Cow Butter herbal soaps.

Vision and Philosophy

Artisans in India are one of the world’s largest suppliers of handmade crafts and are scattered across various clusters across the country, both Rural & Urban, as well, Rurban.
The objective of ARTNWEAVES is to promote products of un-organized groups’, Self-help groups, Weavers community, Weaver cooperative societies, NGO’s, standalone artists, designers etc. Hand crafted artifacts in wood craft and other related medium from across the country are online (this platform). We also promote products created by young designers / upcoming artists alongside offering them a window to showcase their products thereby enhancing their earnings and creating self-employment by collective online Marketing Tech innovations. We have created amazing handmade soaps & Herbal shampoo for Health & Hygiene.

A beautiful art work captures one’s imagination and transcends the person to a world beyond material existence. The products available on ARTNWEAVES such as wooden carvings, Leather Paintings, accessories, Handmade Herbal soaps & Herbal Shampoo to showcase the glorious tradition of India. You will get enticed by the rich Folk traditional arts, ecofriendly Tribal expressions, intricate and mesmerizing designs and patterns handed down from centuries. A small effort is made by us to light up the faces of the artisans of India and for their art to survive.

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