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Skin is the first protective layer of the body. Thus, it is very important to cleanse and nourish it with ideal products. Handmade soaps have become very popular these days, as they are free of any harmful chemicals when compared to regular soaps. They are made with harmless ingredients and essential oils. They come in different variants to suit various skin types. These soaps are very mild in nature. They gently cleanse the skin, leaving it smooth, radiant, and healthy. Our soaps are exactly what your skin needs. These soaps are handmade and curated with pure love.

Our product array includes Glycerin soaps, Cow Ghee Herbal Soaps, Herbal Shampoo & Cow Butter Soaps, Premium Soaps, Handmade Soaps, VGH Medicated Soaps, Shower Gels, and more! These are made from an approved soap base which is procured from Multi-National organizations. We use the best of oils such as Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, fragrance extractions, and approved fragrances for our variants. The co-founders create the complete product from scratch and ensure safety and quality at all levels. They give a personal touch to every step of the process to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our soaps not only provide excellent nourishment but also smell divine! They are all made with various fragrances. While the common advice is to find a soap that suits your skin type, we push you to go a step further and find a soap whose fragrance is in accordance with your mind. The sense of smell is personally linked to the deepest parts of the brain, which directly controls emotions. As we inhale certain aromas, it triggers emotional responses. For example, the smell of lavender is elevating, while that of mahogany is sedative.

Our Herbal Shampoos carry the essence of old, traditional times. The shampoo is handmade with natural ingredients such as Rita, Brahmi, Henna, Amla, Shikakai, Methi seeds, Hibiscus powder, SLES & other preservatives to nourish and keep the hair healthy. We do not use these ingredients in powder form directly, as available in the market. Instead, we personally buy them, extract the pure pulp and use them freshly, in the right quantity. Most of our products are Sulphate and paraben-free (Tested). We offer over 40 variants of Soap and Shampoo in multiple categories.

We experiment with a range of food-grade colors and fragrances to transform your daily baths into indulgent rituals. These handmade soaps are the best choice to revitalize your skin and awaken your senses. Refresh, rejuvenate and replenish your skin by using our soaps. Through our handmade soaps, we aim to elevate your daily bathing routine to a pampering astounding ritual.

After all these years in business, the most frequently asked question is, “Why is handmade soap better?” Let us share the answer with you. Handmade soaps are considered real soaps, as regular ones are nothing less than detergents in disguise. Your skin will benefit from using handmade soap that is created with natural oils and butter or Pure Cow Ghee. These soaps offer therapeutic benefits that can help with everything from stress relief to boosting your immune system! Their packaging is also sustainable. One of the best benefits of using handmade soap is not talked about as much as the positive effect it brings to the community. Unlike the popular commercial soaps by big brands, handmade soaps are made locally and give a boost to small businesses.

We pledge to help make the world a better place by focusing on eco-friendly practices to provide our customers with natural, high quality, and ethical products fused with exceptional customer service. We earn the loyalty of our customers by providing exceptional, natural, personal care products. The multipurpose, sensational qualities of our soaps will make you feel like you’re at a spa and not at home. Try them out now!

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